Welcome to Maxey Elementary School

Maxey’s Mission and Beliefs

“Maximize Learning For All Maxey Students”
“Be Safe, Be Respectful, Be Responsible”

  • All students have an equal opportunity to learn
  • All students learn better when actively engaged
  • All students will be held to high expectations for learning
  • All students need a significant school relationship in order for significant learning to take place
Suzanne Reimers

Thank you for visiting our website! Maxey Elementary School is named after JoAnn Maxey, who was a state senator and president of the Lincoln Board of Education. The school opened in 1995 and welcomed approximately 360 students. Since that time an addition of two wings, additional kindergarten classrooms, an additional music room, and annex have been added to support the increasing enrollment.

This school year, 2021-2022, Maxey Elementary School welcomed 696 students. Our school is organized into grade level instructional teams including an Early Childhood classroom, and kindergarten through fifth grade classes. Currently there are four or five classrooms at each grade level. Students attend specials including art, music, physical education, library and computer/science on a rotating schedule. Specialists work hard to connect their content area with the regular curriculum, which provides a well- rounded program for our students. 

Our mission at Maxey is to “Maximize learning for all students.” These are words that we strive to put into action each and every day. Every child deserves to be challenged to meet or exceed district and state expectations, and to meet their own individual academic potential. Our committed staff meets regularly in Professional Learning Community meetings to improve instructional strategies and implementations, which will provide success for all learners. Specific attention is given to the diversity, talents and strengths of our Maxey community as we plan for success.

Building a strong Maxey community with the common goal of developing intelligent, hard working, well-rounded citizens with GRIT  has been a strong focus building-wide this year. Through common language and practices, the students remember each day to be safe, respectful, and responsible. By following these simple guidelines, learning can be most effective.

Thank you for visiting our website. As you navigate through, you will learn more about our students, staff, parents, and programs


Suzanne Reimers